Oily Skin Treatment

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Oily Skin – What is it?

oily skin treatments

Sebum is an oily substance that lubricates and protects our skin. It plays an essential role in the health of our hair and skin. It prevents the evaporation of moisture, resulting in more hydrated skin.

The problem arises when the oil producing glands go into overdrive and produce excessive oil. When this happens, your skin and hair will look greasier and dirtier.

Oily skin is characterized by its large pores, abnormal thickness, and susceptibility to acne, spots and blemishes.

Though many people associate oily skin and acne with teenagers, age is not the only defining factor. In fact, some people will have oily skin that lasts long after their teenage years and progresses well into adulthood.

The only way to effectively manage oily skin is to determine the root of it.

7 Causes of Oily Skin

While diet, hormones, thyroid function and the liver can all contribute to excessively oily skin, there are other factors involved too. Here are the most common reasons for oily skin:

1. Daily Activities

Your daily activities have a direct impact on the amount of oil that is produced on your skin. The air is filled with various contaminants that can aggravate oily skin conditions. Of course, it would be difficult to completely avoid these contaminants unless you simply locked yourself at home. You can however, take preventative measures. Eating right, cleansing your skin regularly and avoiding triggers will help your skin to deal with environmental contaminants.

2. Cleansing home treatment for dry skin

Many people with oily skin simply fail to cleanse their skin properly. In order to remove excess dirt and oil from the skin you need a consistent skincare routine. Washing your face and hair daily is extremely important for those with oily skin.

3. Humidity 

Heat and humidity can directly impact the oil production in your body as well. If you live in areas that typically experience severely hot and humid summers, this could be your problem. Although you will not likely want to uproot and move to a drier area, you can follow a number of proper skincare routines that will help to control how humidity affects the oil production in your body.

4. Makeup

Women who wear makeup regularly can be clogging their pores which will in turn result in oily skin. When wearing makeup it is critical that you properly and thoroughly remove that makeup each evening. You can also try going without makeup or choosing a makeup type that contains less oil in the base. Oily based makeup can cause your oily skin condition to worsen.

best makeup for oily skin

5. Lack of Sleep/Fatigue 

Fatigue is a major contributor to oily skin. Ensuring that you get enough sleep each night will help you to feel better and will better control how and when your body produces sebum. Oily skin is only one of the side effects of fatigue so ensure that you are sleeping well each night.

6. Stress 

Stress is also a leading contributor to oily skin. When you are overly anxious or stressed, different systems of the body tend to go into overdrive, and as a result your skin may produce or secrete more sebum. Stress may be impossible to avoid completely but it is important that you try to reduce your overall stress and anxiety on a daily basis. Meditation is a good way to overcome stress and ease your mental tension. Try taking walks or long baths to ease the tension in your body. This will also help you to enjoy a more peaceful night’s sleep.

7. Lotions and Creams

Certain skincare products can certainly affect the level of sebum that is produced in your body and can make your oily skin problem look much worse than it is. If you have oily skin then choosing the right moisturizer is critical. You should by all means use a moisturizer but choose one that is designed for oily skin. It’s usually best to avoid products that have a long list of ingredients, which can indicate that there are a load of fillers and chemicals in the product that could aggravate your skin.

Oily Skin Treatment

oily skin remedies

There are many reasons for oily skin just as there are many remedies and treatments for this condition. Knowing the root of your problem is a major step in finding the right treatment.

Below, we’ve created a list of treatments for oily skin that we’ve personally researched and tried over the years. Depending on the severity of your oily skin, these remedies could very well work to provide a noticeable and perhaps even permanent reduction in the amount of sebum production.

Spearmint Tea for Oily Skin

Spearmint Tea for Oily Skin

Spearmint tea suppresses the hormones responsible for creating excessive oil on your skin. Find out where you can buy the best Spearmint tea.
Jojboa Oil for Oily Skin

Jojboa Oil for Oily Skin

Jojoba oil is known for its beneficial properties on hair, acne and oily skin. Find out what jojoba oil is and where to buy it.
Milk of Magnesia for Oily Skin

Milk of Magnesia for Oily Skin

Discover how to use Milk of Magnesia for oily skin! Milk of Magnesia has also proven to work as a makeup primer for oily skin.


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